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Gilisoft Software Collection


- GiliSoft is a company that mostly brings handy and widely-used program in system optimization, security, encryption, and digital multi media fields.
- This collection contains all GiliSoft products which are Privacy, Encryption, System Optimization, DVD, Video and Audio Tools. Highly recommended.

GiliSoft USB Stick Encryption:
GiliSoft USB Stick Encryption is especially designed to create password protected USB memory sticks. It creates protected areas on the disk that is needed to enter password to see contents. Data on the protected areas are encypted by 256bit AES on the fly encryption. Protected USB stick is fully autonomous and does not need any special software installed on computer.

GiliSoft Secure Disc Creator:
With GiliSoft Secure Disc Creator, your can burn password protected and encrypted discs. It supports most of CD DVD, if you have a recorder and you want to burn an portable encrypted disc, please use this software. It creates protected areas on the disc that is needed to enter password to see contents. Data on the protected areas are encypted by 256bit AES on the fly encryption. Protected CD DVD is fully autonomous and does not need any special software installed on computer.

GiliSoft Full Disk Encryption:
GiliSoft Full Disk Encryption's offers encryption of all disk partitions, including the system partition.Through password protecting a disk, disk partition or operating system launch, the program disables any unauthorized reading writing activity on your disk or PC, restricts access and launch of specific disks and files. It provides automatic security for all information on endpoint hard drives, including user data, operating system files and temporary and erased files. For maximum data protection, multi factor pre boot authentication ensures user identity, while encryption prevents data loss from theft.

GiliSoft File Lock Pro:
GiliSoft File Lock Pro is a power file encryption software program that can quickly and safely lock and hide files, folder,and drives,and it can use 256bit AES encryption (Encryption Standard Adopted by the US Government) to protect your files located on HDD drive or any portable media such as USB drives.

GiliSoft RAMDisk:
GiliSoft RAMDisk appears like a physical hard disk to the operating system and programs. You choose its size (depending on the amount of RAM in your system), drive letter, and file system. You can copy, move and delete files on it. Like a physical disk, a RAM disk can also be shared so as to be accessed by other computers on a network. The RAM disk bypasses the system hard drive, which is the slowest part of a computer. Freeing your data storage and retrieval from this mechanical disk gives your system an immediate boost.

GiliSoft Movie DVD Creator:
Preserve precious videos by burning them into DVD and share these priceless moments with friends and family with GiliSoft Movie DVD Creator. Its the easiest and fastest way to convert popular video formats such as AVI, MPEG, DivX, DV, VOB, WMV or iPhone 4 videos (MOV) to a format that is compatible to play with most portable or home DVD players. Besides burning DVD-format discs, the Movie DVD Creator also allows you to burn DVD folders and ISO files.

GiliSoft DVD Region CSS Decryption:
GiliSoft DVD Region CSS Decryption uses kernal driver to remove the copy protection of a DVD movie, allowing you backup the movie using most DVD backup tools. It can also remove the RPC region code, thereby making the movie region free and viewable on any DVD player and with any DVD player software.

GiliSoft DVD Ripper:
Having problems with watching DVD movies on your iPod, PSP, or mobile phone because of compatibility issues. Gilisoft DVD Ripper helps you rip and convert DVD to various formats for you to enjoy at your fingertips. It can convert DVDs to AVI, MPEG, WMV, DivX, MP4, H.264 MPEG-4 AVC, RM, MOV, XviD, and 3GP video formats, as well as popular audio formats. Gilisoft DVD Ripper features a range of versatile editing tools, giving you the ability to cut a video,and merge several of them into one. You may also crop the video frame, adjust image effects, add watermarks subtitles to videos, and do much more.

GiliSoft Audio Converter Ripper:
The ultimate audio converting tool. Gilisoft Audio Converter Ripper is an allinone audio converter and extractor, allowing you to both convert between different format audio files AND extract audio from video files to different formats. Gilisoft Audio Converter Ripper supports many video, high-definition (HD) video, and audio file types including AVI, MPEG, WMV, MP4, FLV, MKV, H.264 MPEG-4 AVC, AVCHD, MP3, WMA, WAV, AAC, FLAC, OGG, APE, among many others.

GiliSoft Audio Recorder Pro:
Audio Recorder Pro is a perfect audio recorder to record your own voice, music or any other sound by working directly with your sound card. It supports the record input source from a microphone, streaming audio from the Internet, external input devices (e.g. CDs, LP, music cassettes, phone line etc.) as well as other applications like Winamp, Media Player, etc.

GiliSoft Slideshow Movie Creator:
GiliSoft SlideShow Movie Creator is the easy to use yet powerful photo slide software.With it,you can combine your photos into video with music and 2D 3D transition effects for sharing with your friends,and you can easily turn your photo collections to personalized videos in format of AVI, MPEG, WMV, DivX, MP4, H.264 AVC, AVCHD, MKV, RM, MOV, XviD or 3GP.

GiliSoft Video Editor:
No need to be worried about formats, frame rate or file sizes, the functions of video join, split and cut can be easily achieved by Gilisoft Video Editor. The video editing software allows you to edit video files in various formats like AVI, MPEG, H.264, SWF, MOV, WMV, etc. for playback on popular devices like iPod, iPhone, PSP, PS3, and so on. The three processes, video join, split and cut, can run in background without too much space occupation.

GiliSoft Video Converter:
An all in one Video converter tool for assisting you to convert videos audios among formats like AVI, WMV, MP4, MKV, FLV, 3GP, MPG,SWF etc. GiliSoft Video Converter is easy, fast, reliable, and loaded with features. Its capable of converting videos of all popular formats like AVI, MPEG, WMV, DivX, MP4, H.264 AVC, AVCHD, MKV, RM, MOV, XviD, 3GP,SWF and audio MP3, WMA, WAV, RA, M4A, AAC, AC3, OGG. Now you can convert video, audio to play on your PSP, PS3, iPod, iPhone, Apple TV, Xbox, Google phones, iPad and other digital multimedia devices.

GiliSoft Privacy Protector:
GiliSoft Privacy Protector is a powerful and reliable privacy protection suite designed for individual users. It effectively prevents most illegal operations performed by hackers or malicious software such as viruses, trojans and spyware, that may damage or steal the data from your computer. The smart Gili Privacy Protector can safely clean up all traces of your computer activity. And it helps you secure remove sensitive data from your hard drive.

GiliSoft Private Disk:
Private Disk is one of the best disk encryption programs available on the market today. Protects information with the strongest encryption algorithm known today AES 256 bit. Besides offering state of the art, trustworthy and reliable AES 256 bit NIST certified encryption, Private Disk provides additional protection for your confidential information by employing its innovative Disk Image Hide method. The Disk Image Hide protects your data by application, ensuring that no viruses, trojans, spyware or any other malware will harm or steal your valuable information. This encryption software also protects data on USB flash drives you can work with the encrypted files on any computer without installing the software locally.

GiliSoft USB Lock:
GiliSoft USB Lock is a data leak prevention tool that prevents leakage and copy of your data to USB Drives, External Drives, CDs DVDs or other such portable devices. Once installed, USB Lock lets you block all such drives and devices that do not belong to you. With USB Lock, you can share your PC with anyone without fear of data theft.This is an easy USB Secure Software and powerfull Endpoint DLP Suite that helps you to lock usb port,make dvd cd burner read only,block some websites,forbid some programs and disable more devices.


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